Sunday, March 18

Episode 5

Here's to the #5

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WE'RE LIKE TOTALLY BACK!!! Brand new installment. Its only a start folks. wait till you listen to our upcoming shows. some of em will blow your minds!! do u a favour, PROMOTE US. word of mouth is powerfull. before we do like major shows with other podcastrs we'd like to have lke a so called "fan-base" of our own, ALSO. contact us if you have a band, and if you'd like you songs to be played on air on our show. we'll be more then willing to promote you! :-) lke leave a comment on our tag board, or a comment on one of our shows and leave us a way we can aso get back to you. that alright? tHANK you guys for listening in to the Tim and Kian show. WE'RE BACK!!!


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Friday, June 16

The official closure of the tim and kian show :-(

Hello guys!!
We've decided to officially close down the tim and kian show. to our faithful fans, thank you for constantly tuning in to our show, and we're leaving this blog open, as an memorial spot for our the show you guys loved. This is due to our hectic schedules and our interests taking a whole new direction. We love you guys & ladies!!! Thanks so much for all your support, and goodbye...

Yours truly,
Tim and Kian :-(

p.s. thanks guys, for everything!!

Sunday, April 16

Hey people! Me and Tim would like apologize for not having time to do an episode this week. Our schedules are more a less looking fully booked at the moment, with me and my school term starting and Tim's mid-year exams up and coming. So I guess we won't be posting episodes with such regularity now. We probably would just be like doing one show per 2 weeks. Guess that covers all I needed to say in this post. Have a nice day folks!

Saturday, April 8

Podcast #4

Thank you all for your patience, kindness, understanding and all other adjectives related to that. We've finally did our 4th show. And this time's a video! ;)

In this 4th installment, we answer your feedback as me and Tim try our best to breathe life into whatever that kills the platypus. (I have no idea what that meant either.) Enjoy!

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Saturday, March 25

Podcast #3

We stayed up till 5, woke my parents up and found a snake in my kitchen. Bones were cracked and muscles were pulled. But eventually, we finally completed it.

Here's our podcast #3 (Forgive the audio quality. Didn't have proper mics.)
Special Guests : Eoin, Tay and Bachamp.

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Friday, March 17

Podcast #2

Hey yall!!! The second podcast has been released! In this show we talk about teens.

Listen to the entire podcast and leave us your comments alright? No surveys this time I promise!! Thanks for your suport guys!!

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[Tim and Kian]

Thursday, March 16

16 march

Hey everybody, thanks once again for the enormous response we got from you guys. Your positive feedback and constructive criticism certainly was encouraging and enlightening.

We are currently recording our second show, which should be released by this week/early next week. We would be inviting more guests to appear on our future shows so as to jazz the mood up a little, so don't be surprise if you receive a call from us while we're in the middle of recording.

We'll probably be doing an average of one show per week after our next show, as Tim would be busy with school and he may not be able to record.

Btw, if you have band and want your music to be played on our show, do e-mail us at